Seize the opportunity – insights from my first year as an entrepreneur for sustainable development

A year ago I had a couple of days off my daily work. I sat at the kitchen table of my parent’s summer cottage, by the fireplace, writing the application for Tove Holm Consulting. I had thought about the name for some weeks and realized that the customers I had, knew me from earlier work, which is why I decided to use my name. I sent the application to the Finnish Trade Register and got the application approved within a day.

Why did I start my own business? In short, I am convinced that humanity can in cooperation solve the sustainability challenges we are facing, which I am passionate about working for. Also, I had the opportunity and some customers knocking on my door. I answer this question in my first blog post, sustainable leadership on the table. My goal was and is to get more educational institutions (at all levels, from primary to higher education), municipalities, organizations, associations, and companies to enhance sustainable development in their activities, by applying my skills and passion more widely, within my own business.

How can you enhance it? By taking action for sustainable development, which I reflect on in my blog post why do I write, because the action is the goal?

During the year I have had the pleasure to work with ten customers, all wanting to make their work for sustainable development even better, which can be done in different ways. I believe that it is important to apply different approaches, for getting as many as possible involved in the work. If you are interested in what I have done you can read about it in my blog posts where I have reflected on my work.

In one of my blog posts about sustainable leadership – both employees and managers are well and achieve the set goals, you can read that I reflect weekly on what has been the best during the week, what could have made my week better, and what is most important to do next week.

When I look back at this past year, I would say that the best has been that I dared to start this business. In practice, I take time off from my daily work when working with my customers, which has worked smoothly so far. I have not liked the paperwork, meaning it would have been better if I had had that knowledge from before. But on the other hand, my father said to me when I was seventeen that you learn something new every day. I get back to this from time to time, so true, now I know how to start and manage a company in Finland. Most important next is to do a great job with my current customers – meaning getting more involved in enhancing sustainable development in their daily life and work.

Me, hiking in Fulufjället National Park in September 2021. Picture: Dan Holm.

Thanks to me having taken the courage to do this, I am now also trying to realize other dreams I have. Fulfilling my dreams is one of my strong sides, but I also tend to invent new ones. One of my dreams has been to go hiking to the Scandinavian Lapland during Ruska when the fall colors in nature are as bright as possible. In September I went to Fulufjället National Park, which was as great as I have dreamed. The first three days I had great warm sunny weather and the other three cold rainy weather. I also learned what to do to avoid meeting a bear: which was being loud, meaning keeping up the conversation with your company constantly. I enjoy being offline (my phone doesn´t like going abroad and only works with wifi during those times), in the wild with great company and food, with time to reflect. I have a feeling I have started a new tradition.

What is your dream? Is there a possibility to realize that dream, to some extent? How could you do it? What is needed for you to be able to take the next step? When could you take that? By the help of whom? Please contact me, if you would like to co-operate with me towards realizing that.

Tove Holm, October 20th, 2021

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Founder of Tove Holm Consulting. I am a transdisciplinar facilitator for sustainable development. Passions: change leadership, education, Agenda2030, networking & the Baltic Sea. I am a public speaker & PhD.

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