Seize the opportunity – insights from my first year as an entrepreneur for sustainable development

A year ago I had a couple of days off my daily work. I sat at the kitchen table of my parent’s summer cottage, by the fireplace, writing the application for Tove Holm Consulting. I had thought about the name for some weeks and realized that the customers I had, knew me from earlier work,Continue reading “Seize the opportunity – insights from my first year as an entrepreneur for sustainable development”

Successful facilitation, why and how?

When a group is gathered to plan forward it is crucial to lead the workshop successfully, which is facilitation. Facilitation is to help a group be the best together (Gullstrand, 2020). I have three favorite methodologies I apply which I decided to share, hoping that you would share with us one of your favorite practices.Continue reading “Successful facilitation, why and how?”

Cooperation is the key for sustainable development

I argue that the most important thing to do for enhancing sustainable development is to deepen regional to global cooperation and cooperation between different sustainability projects and networks. This year several reports have been published about enhancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The global report, the summary of the work in the Nordic countriesContinue reading “Cooperation is the key for sustainable development”