Successful facilitation, why and how?

When a group is gathered to plan forward it is crucial to lead the workshop successfully, which is facilitation. Facilitation is to help a group be the best together (Gullstrand, 2020). I have three favorite methodologies I apply which I decided to share, hoping that you would share with us one of your favorite practices.Continue reading “Successful facilitation, why and how?”

Systematiskt arbete mot ett klimatneutralt samhälle i kommunerna

Kommunalvalet är en ypperlig chans att lyfta upp främjandet av hållbar utveckling. Utmaningarna tycker jag får tillräckligt med plats, därför har jag sökt fram olika möjligheter för kommunerna. Jag beslöt lyfta upp idéer från andra kommuner, aktuella tilläggsfinansieringsmöjligheter, möjligheter att påverka och min framtidsvision. Men först ett konkret exempel. Jag var ute och springa häromdagenContinue reading “Systematiskt arbete mot ett klimatneutralt samhälle i kommunerna”

Why do I write, because the action is the goal?

Please, don´t misunderstand me, I think strategies, goals, and programs are important, as well as the follow up of them and the most challenging step: to make the necessary improvements based on the evaluation; but; the emphasis should always be on the action. Only with action can we accomplish change. I write because I wantContinue reading “Why do I write, because the action is the goal?”

Curriculum Development for Climate Change Education

Recently I´ve received confirmation that education and further education have a huge impact on climate change and learned the advantages of organizing international sustainability courses. Last week I was invited to hold a lecture and workshop on the course Curriculum Development for Climate Change Education in Global South at Tampere University in Finland. My mainContinue reading “Curriculum Development for Climate Change Education”

Continuous improvements: problem solving and adaptability – skills for the future

I argue that continuous improvements like problem solving and adaptability are important for any work. I am aware that my affection for this argument comes from that I have worked with quality and environmental management systems for over 16 years, where the Deming cycle (plan, do, check, act) is central. Anyhow, I also think that thanks toContinue reading “Continuous improvements: problem solving and adaptability – skills for the future”

Sustainable leadership – both employees and managers are well and achieve the set goals

This autumn I was deeply impressed reading about Hailuoto municipality, which has succeeded with falling short of its budget in 2020. They have succeeded with reducing sick leave days per person from 26 calendar days in 2018, to 19 in 2019 and, so far, six in 2020. Unlike many other municipalities, it does not layContinue reading “Sustainable leadership – both employees and managers are well and achieve the set goals”

Cooperation is the key for sustainable development

I argue that the most important thing to do for enhancing sustainable development is to deepen regional to global cooperation and cooperation between different sustainability projects and networks. This year several reports have been published about enhancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The global report, the summary of the work in the Nordic countriesContinue reading “Cooperation is the key for sustainable development”

Responsible consumption, why and how?

Why should responsible consumption be enhanced, how am I contributing and how did I participate citizens to think about their own actions? Something all the Nordic countries have in common are the major challenges that remain for enhancing sustainable consumption and production, SDG 12 and climate action, SDG 13. This was reported in the summer,Continue reading “Responsible consumption, why and how?”

Kestävä johtaminen työpöydällä

Päätin tässä blogipostauksessa jakaa tavoitteeni kestävän kehityksen edistämiseksi, käytännön kokemukseni kestävän kehityksen edistämisestä ja miksi päätin perustaa oman toiminimen, jonka nettisivut lanseeraan nyt! Minulla on ollut työurani aikana paljon hyviä johtajia sparraamassa minua eteenpäin. Keväällä 2010 sain ison työn pakettiin ja kysyin silloiselta esihenkilöltäni, että miksen voisi nyt, kerrankin, tehdä tätä samaa työtä, jota hallitsen,Continue reading “Kestävä johtaminen työpöydällä”

Sustainable leadership on the table

I’ve decided to in this blog post share my goals for enhancing sustainable development, my practical experience of how sustainable development can be enhanced, and why I ended up setting up my own business, the website of which I am launching now! I’ve had a lot of good leaders sparring me forward over my career.Continue reading “Sustainable leadership on the table”