3.59 – my thoughts about the time dimension for sustainable development

Inspired by the three Finnish medals for the Niskanen family in the Winter Olympics 2022, I decided to share my thought about the time dimension for sustainable development and a piece of my sports history.

In November, I attended the Finnish Conference on Vocational and Professional Education Research at Turku University of Applied Sciences. In one of the keynotes at the seminar, professor Rodrigo Lozano from the University of Gävle emphasized addressing the time dimension beyond incorporating the economic, environmental and social dimension when enhancing education for sustainable development. About this, you can read more in “Developing Sustainability Competencies Through Pedagogical Approaches: Experiences from International Case Studies, “which is edited by Professor Rodrigo Lozano and Dr. Maria Barreiro-Gen

The time dimension for sustainable development is very central; I understand that it means that we ought to work for long time goals. For succeeding, I believe it is vital to be open to changing your plans and trying different ways to get as many involved in the development work you are working for.

At the conference, I also learned that consultancies’ carbon handprint is 1300 times larger than their footprint, which I wrote about here! I think it is fantastic, the work we can be done by enhancing more and more people to work for a more sustainable future. This came up in the final panel discussion at the conference. In the panel we discussed the role of education in promoting sustainable development with Mervi Friman from Häme University of Applied Sciences, HAMKSaku Lehtinen from AMKE ry, and student Sanna Leinonen from Raseko, Raision seudun koulutuskuntayhtymäHere are the topics we talked about in Finnish.

One earlier manager I’ve had said that she hired me because I get work done, which is a combination of stubbornness and long-time planning, which are two of my strong qualities. I have examples from my working life but will today give another example, which I don’t have on my CV but demonstrates my qualifications well.

Image: Sasin Tipchai, Pixabay

My best sports result, so far, is finishing a marathon in 3.59 in October 2013, at the age of 40.

It all started in the autumn of 2006, no, I correct; when I was a child. I loved running as a child once I attended a competition where I represented my school. I ran well, and an adult came to ask me if I would like to start running for their club. I was too shy to join, why I continued running on my own and for my school, but a dream to become a runner had aroused.

At the age of 33, I went to a health check in October, and all my measurable values were good, but it came up that I did not work out at all, which the doctor thought I should. Well, one month later, I got the flu, and it did not go away for weeks, and I was tired. During the Christmas break, I started walking daily; I went for a one-hour walk, after which I slept two hours. In March, I attended an exercise campaign. In the campaign you got different points for different sports and running gave the best points, 7 points for 2 km. I, therefore, decided to start running and fell to the ground after my first 2 km run. In May, I managed 4 km, and in June, 8 km. My work colleague ran her first marathon in June and was excited about that. I then thought that I could set a goal to run a half marathon in September, and at the same time, realize my childhood dream to run in a running competition, even now it was against yourself. After finishing my first half marathon in September 2007, I thought I could run a full marathon.

In June 2008, I ran my first marathon, on 4.37, after which I set the goal to finish a marathon under 4 hours. I finished in total 16 marathons in 2008- 2016, which I have great memories of; the point is to put one foot after the other, each step between 30 and 42,2 km:s, when the energy is gone, which each and everyone around you is struggling with. And yes, I succeeded with my goal. Now I cannot run due to some complications (due to too much running, I guess), but I am working out in other ways and have a dream to run again, someday.

So now, you know, working with me includes a guarantee that the work will be done. It might not go as planned from the beginning, but I will find different kinds of solutions, together with you, to get it finished.

Tove Holm, February 11th, 2022

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Founder of Tove Holm Consulting. I am a transdisciplinar facilitator for sustainable development. Passions: change leadership, education, Agenda2030, networking & the Baltic Sea. I am a public speaker & PhD.

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